On The Whorizon, Sponsored by SexWorkCEO

I had the lovely opportunity to share my “Coming Out” story with the podcast On The Whorizon. Very honored to have the privilege to do so and humbled to be a part of this amazing project.

A Stephanie And Fox Interview

An interview that covers how sex workers have contributed to society and some clarification on what the term sex work entails. 

An interview with BCBAs

As some of you know, I am in a BS for ABA Psychology in tandem with becoming a certified sex coach. Well, the lovely hosts of podcast Behavior Bitches reached out to me for an interview about my dominatrix practice. This interview looks at my practice through the lens of behavior specialists, describing the aspects of domination that fall into a more clinical description.

An interview on my thoughts on the adult industry

These were some fabulous questions, some I’ve never been asked before. Follow the link to read about my thought on SW, and its effects on my life and society.

Shot at DFW Dungeon

When BDSM & Psychology Intersect

Yes, we all know I practice professional domination, but did you know how much I care about things like the psychology of fetishes, sex workers’ rights, and non-monogamous relationships?

Domme’s Nation Interview

My personal insight and experiences with the BDSM culture.

Shot at a speakeasy in Downtown Dallas

Live Interview on Professional, Non-Sexual Domination

Addressing some misconceptions within the BDSM culture