As a courtesy, please bring your donation in an envelope of sorts and place it on any coffee table after arrival. I will likely acknowledge it if I see it, but for the most part, this is to be a seamless exchange.

Our Time Together

 Our time together is to be cherished, so please put your phone on silent if possible, as I will do the same.


 Discretion is what most people come to me for and I am proud to have never broken this trust. So, just as I respect yours, please respect mine. I am usually pretty open about my lifestyle when I get comfortable, but please do not ask me questions that are too personal.


 Just as I will shower before our appointment, I expect the same from you. If you need to shower at my incall, that is more than welcome; please also note that keeping your hair trimmed, your teeth brushed, your fingernails clean, are all a part of hygiene, and if I feel you do not meet my standards, I will send you home.


I expect you to arrive and depart on time; if you show up early please respect my time by allowing me to tell you when to come inside. I have a bit of anxiety around time, so if I am meeting you at your space you can expect the same from me. If you happen to show up more than 15min late, I will cancel the appointment and you can reschedule within 7 days.