Leaning Into Growth, Amplifying Our Connection

As some of you may know, I’ve been diving deeper and deeper into myself, which has been directly affecting my practice; therefore, directly affecting all of you. If you haven’t experienced this shift in my approach yet, well, come and get a taste.

Since returning from The Wheel of Consent workshop in Austin, I’ve been applying one of the major concepts that I spoke about in my last post to my practice, and I’ve noticed that the ability to reach more vulnerable spaces with clientele has become a more fluid process.

Trust is the first thing that’s established upon walking into my door; I ask for a little time to speak about the art of gift-giving, we engage in some dialogue about it, then move into a space of relaxed connection. Sometimes this looks like holding hands and taking some breath together, or maybe I’m sitting on your lap? Whatever it takes for us to activate our parasympathetic nervous system. This is the side of the nervous system that allows our bodies to relax, allowing us to step into authenticity and vulnerability.

I then like to ask if you have any intentions for our date. Listening to these has been one of my favorite parts together because I get to know what the thinking process was before reaching out to me. In knowing so, I get to curate the way that I approach you with your intention in mind, deepening that trust even more.

I’ve absolutely loved the way I’ve deepened my practice with this tool and I only anticipate more to come. I have profound gratitude for the clients who have shown up with their full self and allowed me to take their hand while we walked down this realized path together.

Expect some more offerings in the coming months! I’ll be changing a bit of my scope, while still maintaining all the components that I am currently offering–just enhancing the way that I approach and navigate each individual date.


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