Let’s Talk About *Clits* Bay-Bee, Let’s Talk About *You And Me*

Clit. Imagine if the word clit was an onomatopoeia.. it just wouldn’t be the noise I’d expect from such a sensitive and complex expression of human anatomy. I’m not complaining here, it was just a thought.

Let’s jump right in, shall we? One of my favorite things about being a FSSW is that I tend to feel so uninhibited with my clients and I end up having some of the most unapologetic sex. Keep in mind, this isn’t everyone I come across, but it’s happened more than enough for me to mention it in my writing. (I promise this will all make sense soon enough)

“Unapologetic sex” are two words that feel right when used together. This is how I need to feel in order for me to speak my mind about what feels like ecstasy; when you slow down at the wrong time; when you’re not hitting that clit just right. When was the last time you had unapologetic sex? A space filled with uninhibited pleasure is not something we can all experience at the same time in our lives, but I think we can all agree that once we’ve tasted it, it’s something that we will keep wanting to come back to.

Please keep in mind, that when I say “uninhibited pleasure”, I’m not solely portraying the conventional images/definitions of what that word means; instead, pleasure can mean whatever brings you to your center; whatever breaks up all the noise; the chance to finally dissociate and not feel guilty; whatever it may be, it is valid. 

How do we create spaces for our counterparts to feel comfortable enough to speak up about those things in the bedroom, though? Sharing unapologetic sex with someone isn’t as easy as it sounds. I think one of the most powerful ways to get there, is by collaborating in ways that make you feel powerful, valid, sexy, and deserving of feeling good. But.. what does that look like?

Is this something you’ve ever thought of? Have you ever asked your counterpart what might help to create this space for them? Is it something they want to do in the bedroom, or is it easier to speak about it when the next mode of action is something more casual?

Important questions that I’ll be asking myself…

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