Hey babe. Welcome to my corner of the internet. I’m a punk-rock-loving, hedonistic scholar. I don’t wear makeup and I have no plastic installations; I am purely me.

I’ve dabbled with quite a few things, but I always come back to companionship. I feel free when I’m with a client because there are no expectations or ties within the relationship, meaning, we can explore ourselves unabashedly.

I went from being a camgirl, to a companion, to a professional dominatrix, and back to companionship; I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey and the people I’ve met along the way. I am an avid BDSM lifestyler and take safety protocols very seriously; you can assume that this applies to companionship as well. My top fetish is mental and physical bondage; I would be happy to show you what this means if we ever decide to connect.

I pride myself on the ability to create a space that feels comfortable and safe; ensuring that both of us are following safe practices, while respect for our privacy and discretion is made a priority. I am a sexuality educator after all, so would you expect anything less?

Speaking of which, I’m in three educational programs: a BS for ABA Psychology, a program to become a certified Community Health Worker, and finally, a certification program to become a Sexuality and Intimacy Consultant/Sexuality Educator. I’m sure that reading that last sentence already tells you a lot about me.

I have a deep fascination for human behavior, power exchange, gender dynamics, and naturally, sexuality. I am a sensualist at heart; driven by creative, erotic exploration on a physical, emotional, and intellectual level.

If you have any specific questions for me, please feel free to reach out via my contact form in the menu bar, otherwise, head on over to my booking page to find a good time and date for us to meet up. If you book through my calendar (paypal), it will automatically take a deposit for that session. If you prefer more discrete (cash drops), fill out the contact form and let me know. ❧

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Kink Enthusiast

I am an avid BDSM lifestyler. This does not mean that we have to get kinky in our sessions, but the option is available. If you are new to kink and are interested in dipping your toes into it, I am happy to answer any questions you may have during our time together.

Sexuality and Intimacy Consultant

To be transparent, I am still in the process of obtaining my certificate as a sexuality and intimacy consultant. I wanted to highlight this attribute of myself though because it gives you a deeper understanding of where my interests lie and who I am becoming. My goal is to eventually obtain a Ph.D. in Sexology; so, I’m a bit of a sex nerd.

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Mona Wolf
Mona Wolf

Just a hedonistic scholar who needs to articulate the strange and fascinating thoughts that bleed through my brain. I hope you enjoy the word vomit.

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